About Our Company

Global Mountain is a startup company with 6 years of planning, development and testing. We are now looking for venture capital to fully launch Global Mountain to the world.

Global Mountain will be the place to go for people to save money and earn money. We will show people how to earn new income streams for their homes, businesses, organizations or charities.

Millions of people from around the world join with us because there is no risk and we give them so many benefits. The company has a plan to take advantage of major markets that make up the enormous Internet community. Global Mountain is going to be a one of a kind shopping community that will bridge the gap between online & offline shopping.

What you see now at www.globalmountain.com we internally refer to it as “our template”. It’s a fully functional beta site, but is only a shell of what’s to come.

The Beginning

The two founders, Mark and Richard, met back when the Internet was just starting to change the way businesses thought. We knew the Internet would change all the rules and we both gravitated to online shopping early on. It was easy to see that this market was going to be enormous and there would be incredible opportunities available.

In 2008 Mark Cook drove out from Rochester, NY to Redlands, CA where Richard Hickey lived for the last 27 years. We decided on that location because Richard’s sons still had a few years left in school and we knew some talented programmers in the area. We formed the business that year, named it Global Mountain and started talking to advisers and meeting with programmers. Our plan was to build a free place on the Internet for people to save and make money.

Exponential Growth

We see big numbers for Global Mountain. Almost everyone we tell about our opportunity loves what we’re doing and are looking forward to our global launch. We also have a well thought out marketing plan and social media campaign to let the world know about us.

Why will people join? Global Mountain is free and pays them to shop and share. In addition, Global Mountain finds deals, sales, coupon codes and shipping deals for our members. We also give inside secrets and tips to educate and save or make them even more money.

Part of our growth will come from members that want to support their favorite charity. We will offer charities of any size, a free and fun way to generate an ongoing stream of financial support for their organization. Global Mountain will become known for and branded as a “Force for Good” within the local community.

Another natural growth stream will come from small business merchants on Main Street that choose to get involved with our income generator. Main Street merchants will offer their regular customers a way to get paid to shop and then let the Global Mountain systems take over and generate revenue to the merchant.

Add in the shear size of our market, which will soon be over 3.4 billion people online and the fact that over 15 million new people join the web every month worldwide. The company is very confident in our forecast to have millions of members within a few years. Everyone online is just one click away.

Adapt to our Customers Needs

At Global Mountain we strive to be the perfect partner for our customers, merchants and business partners. Global Mountain connects them all. We are developing a sophisticated communication system with all of them so we can make their experience with us more enjoyable and more beneficial.

We will have different avenues for our customers to share their ideas, concerns and comments. These will be well organized and use technology to get results with the least effort.

Our Focus is You

Global Mountain will be a solid company and a force for good! We will focus on being a profitable company that truly benefits all our customers while at the same time creating new ways to make the world a better place.

We will constantly be looking for ways to improve as a company and we encourage thinking outside the box. The company will be on a never ending quest to save and make our members money and make their lives better.

Global Mountain is creating innovative ways to help everyone we partner with by making their lives, organizations or businesses better. We are going to do this while doing more good than you can imagine.